[Adj.] authentic, genuine, real.

Oh, hi! Welcome.

Life In Echt (pronounced 'ekt') is that blog you can’t get enough of. You relate to it; you learn from it. Maybe it even inspires you [I hope so].

Life In Echt is about lifestyle, beauty and wellness, maybe it gets a bit personal at times. It’s about living your own genuine life and adding some extra things to make it even shinier.

The acronym for Life In Echt is LIE, which seems to be the exact opposite, but I’ll roll with it nonetheless.

I’m Dee McKenna, a twenty-something living her best champagne life on a cask wine income. I’m a wife and a cat Mum who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. My day to day life is standard AF; I catch the bus to work, have mediocre self-confidence, and eat the same thing for breakfast most days.                 

Get to know me real quick:    

I like chips. A [‘family size’] bag a day kind of like

Hydration is very important

I barely exercise. I read fitness magazines and believe they make me fitter

I adopt some principals of minimalism, but am not a minimalist

Fertility struggler

Being around humans gives me energy

Anti-ageing is a real focus of mine

Allergic to casein, so no dairy for me

Practicing mindfulness keeps me zen, and the anxiety in check

I google the health benefits of everything


Life In Echt came about because I want to share the things that I do in living my best life, with you, hoping you’ll think ‘oh, I’ll do that too’.

I like to believe I live my life in an echt way, and if I don’t in some aspects, I’m working towards it. Life In Echt is something I can be passionate about, work on and grow with, as I grow as a human.

Thanks for visiting, it’s nice to see you here!