Brush Your Body!


Do you dry brush? If not, you should add that to your health and wellness routine a-sap.

If you don’t know what dry brushing is, then you’re reading the right blog. Dry brushing is literally brushing your skin when it’s dry. The brush is dry, your skin is dry and magic happens. Magic in the way of exfoliation, circulation, and probably more ‘ations’ but I’ll get to them.

I should add, you’ll want to dry brush before you shower to reveal your newest, shiniest skin.

Why should you dry brush? Because of the benefits, of course!

Exfoliating means out the with the old skin and in with the new, shedding those dead skin cells and promoting cell renewal. It can even unclog pores [see you later, ingrown hairs]. This leaves yo skin looking its shiniest, smoothest and best self.

Lymphatic System
Your lymphatic system is the thing in charge of ridding your body of waste and toxins. When you dry brush, it kicks your lymphatic system into gear and gets those toxins moving – out!

Stuck toxins = an unhealthy you!

Because the brush gets things moving, it means your insides will work a bit better – improving your digestion.

Circulation & Cellulite
This one kind of goes hand in hand with the above point. Dry brushing increases the circulation to the skin which moves that metabolic waste around and out. This can also help reduce cellulite. Yes, that’s for real, it helps evenly distribute those stuck fatty bits that cause cellulite!

For yourself
It’s refreshing and energizing, and is a bit of a treat in the morning! It’s also said to relieve stress [yes please] by being mindful when you’re brushing – this is a good way to calm and be zen for a few minutes.

Dry brushing on the daily is best, but sometimes life gets in the way of your bodies exfoliation plans, and that’s okay.

Now you’ve read the benefits, you’ll probably want to know how to do it. So I’ll tell you.  

You’ll need a brush with natural bristles and a handle to help you reach all of your babe’n body!

Get naked so you can see your babe’n body.

Start brushing. You’ll want to work up towards your heart, so start at those feet.

Brush in sweeping, upwards strokes. Brush the same area multiple times.

Work your way up your body, still towards to heart.

Be gentle when you brush.

Shower and be sure to nourish your skin afterwards with a natural oil or your fave moisturiser.