Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are the jam. They've been around forever but I feel like they're increasing in popularity. I've jumped on board the lamp train, purely because of the benefits. I've wanted one for a while, but had a bedside lamp and I never spend money unnecessarily... okay, that's total bullshit. But not so long ago, I knocked my Z lamp off the table and snapped the wire. It blew a fuse and I didn't notice until I realised my phone didn't charge that night. Anyway, so I got the lamp with benefits and it was much cheaper than another Z lamp. Huzzah! 

Right, the benefits because I know that's what ya'll are here for! 

It makes the air inside your home better! How? Well, the lamp absorbs water and particles from the air and takes positive ions with them. Now, if you don’t know what positive ions are, that’s cool - I didn’t either because science. Positive ions come from our electronics. Despite their name, positive ions are not great for us. They can help contribute to anxiety, depression, sleepiness and allergies - they basically drain our energy and mood.

The coolest part is that a heated Himalayan salt releases cleansed water vapour and turns those ions into negative ones - filling the air with goodness. Your air will be more purified and you’ll feel more energised.  

The larger the lamp, the greater the benefits. I just have a tiny wee lamp for my bedside table. I love it, it’s the best $30 I’ve spent on a lamp. Not only does it have benefits [the main selling point for me], but it has such a nice glow - perfect for a bedroom lamp.

The trick is to leave them on all day, all night, all the time. Switching the lamp on and off stops it from doing its job. I have fire anxiety. It’s borderline irrational - but I think it is getting better [I’ll thank mindfulness for that, but that’s a different blog post].  With fire anxiety, comes the fear of leaving a lamp on all day while I’m not home. Turns out it’s okay. My lamp has a dimmer switch, so I turn that baby right down when I’m not home, the bulb is super low wattage and it doesn’t get very hot, just warm. For safety, check the cord and if that’s warm, switch it off.  

To take care of your lamp, you’ll want to turn it off once a week, let it cool down and wipe the lamp with a damp cloth.

Go buy one, your body will love you for it.