January Favourites

Okay so, it's the last day of January. That's scary AF because we just had Christmas and cue errbody in the office talking 'bout how fast this year is going. Already. Well, we've got eleven more months of that small talk. 

I've had a pretty productive start to 2018. Launching this sweet blog [thank you for reading] and starting IVF, which is major exciting and a little scary! Cross your fingers and toes for me please!

What better way to end a month, than thinking about what you used and liked most for the past 31 days. And if you don't have anything, well Echt readers, I got you. You can share mine! 


Here they are, my faves for the month. Let me tell you about them! 

Angel Shampoo and Conditioner
These magic bottles contain the nicest shampoo and conditioner I've used in a long time! I've been using the Orange Flower Shining Color, and it keeps my hair shiny and oh so soft! It's full of good things and smells delish! 

Two Islands Co. Pea Protein
Okay, so the obsession is real with this stuff. I've never been into protein because well, I don't exercise and only thought you drink protein for gains. Turns out it's beneficial, and you know me and benefits... so I've jumped right in. Sometimes I mix it into my smoothie, but most of the time I shake it up with some almond milk. It's tasty and they're keeping it real with only four ingredients!

Thanks to sandal wearing, my feet lost their sweet smoothness. When I was at the beach I picked up a few pumice to take home. I keep it in the shower, giving my feet a quick pumice scrub on the daily, and now they look great again. The best news about this - it's free! The worst news, is I wish I had thought about this before I bought the fancy Scholl foot exfoliator thing. I'm such a sucker for marketing. 

Skin Hydrating Moisturiser
If you like ecostore products for your home, you'll probably love them for your skin. They knew this before we did, and brought out their Skin range. Their Hydrating Moisturiser is my fave summer day cream for my dry face. It's so light but super hydrating, smells good and well mainly I love their minimal style packaging. It's jam packed with marine bioactives and other native goodies. 

Body Brush
Okay, okay.. I know I wrote about this already - but it's a favourite, so in it goes! I can't get enough of this, I notice such a difference in my skin when I'm body brushing on the regular. It also works wonders internally, getting rid of all those nasty toxins. 

What were your favourites for January? I'd love to know!