Microneedling, dermarolling, whatever you like to call it, is a roller with hundreds of tiny needles on it that you roll on your face. It doesn't sound appealing, in fact it sounds painful [and it does hurt when you start using it] but your face will thank you so bad for it. You can have this done at a skincare clinic, or at home. DIY microneedling is a bit gentler whereas if you have it done in the clinic, those needles are going real deep. I haven't had clinic microneedling so I can't talk about that, but I will tell you all about microneedling from the comfort of your bathroom. 

Like 90% of the things I do, this has benefits. Why else would you literally stab your face? The benefits for this are my favourite type of benefits.. anti-ageing! I'm nearing my thirties, and it's closer than I thought - a kind friend reminded me a few days ago, not in a mean way, just in the "Dee, you're thirty next year, not in 2020" way. I'm okay with being 28, my age isn't a thing, but my face age is and that's a whole different story. I obsess over it, it's probably slightly unhealthy but all the good things I do for it are not. 

Anti-ageing is the main benefit of microneedling. You'll get youthful, tight, bright skin - see you later fine lines! Gosh, it even helps with acne scaring. When the needles pierce [literally damage] the skin, it promotes collagen production to help the skin repair itself. When you reach a certain point in your twenties, you stop naturally producing collagen, and collagen is essential for a youthful face. 

Okay, here's how you do it

Wash yo face. Wash that face so clean. Pat dry. 

Start rolling! You'll want to pull you skin tight with one hand, and roll with the other, applying gentle pressure. Roll a small area 2-4 times, lift off, and move to a new spot.  Roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Do this all over your pretty face*, being careful of the eye area of course. 

*intense sneezing can occur. when I roll my eyebrows and forehead I literally can not stop sneezing. This might not happen for you, but you can't say you haven't been warned. I'll be sneezing away and hear "you rolling babe?" come from the other room. 

Wait a minute or two then apply your favourite serum, essence or whatever you start your skincare regime with. Wait a minute between each product to allow them to fully absorb. Your skincare is absorbed better, faster and deeper into the skin after rolling, meaning you get the most out of each product! 

Your face will go pretty red, so it's recommended to do this at night time, also your skin repairs itself during sleep! It might also feel hot/tingle a little afterwards, and that's okay.

When starting out, start with a short needle [I started with a 3mm] and only roll once per week until your face gets used to it. Then increase to 3-5 times per week. I roll every second or third night. Be careful if you have super active acne [I use it on my chinacne and it's okay], super sensitive skin, rosacea etc. Also don't roll over any coldsores [!!!!!!] or cuts. 

It is suuuper important to keep the roller sterile! Spray with rubbing alcohol after each use and keep in it's container. A dirty roller will spread germs and nasties all over your face. No one wants that.