Review - Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel

Can I just say that Iceland have got it down. First off with the equal pay for women [YASS] but secondly with these Nordic Skin Peels thanks to the pure Icelandic environment.

A bit of history – just so you can relate, on a skin level.  I have the classic combo skin, oily in the teenage zone, dry on the cheeks, topped with hormonal acne and the ability to get a rash from even thinking about rashes. I’m now going to get a rash because I’ve written it three times... Great.

Skyn Iceland’s products are Solutions for Stressed Skin. Literally, they have that written on their products.  And it’s all true – I’ll vouch for it.  A lot of people don’t know how much of an effect stress can have on their bodies, and their skin. When I’m max stressed I get a rash [surprise, surprise] and my skin looks dull and sad.

Having such sensitive skin is a real pain, but when I find something good that my skin loooves, I hold on to it. Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel – you got me!

These little exfoliating gems come as little circular pads which have been soaked in magic – a perfect mix of ingredients including witch hazel, papaya fruit extract, white willow bark, jojoba seed extract and lactic acid [that’s the AHA that exfoliates your skin – it’s good stuff!]. You’ll get 60 in a container and they’ll last you ages because you’ll only use 3-5 per week.

They’re super easy and quick to use - make sure your pretty face is squeaky clean, then swipe a pad all over. Pat your fave serum and moisturiser on top and you’re good to go.  

When you’re swiping, you’ll notice a gentle cooling/tingling sensation. I got nervous at first as I was worried my skin was too sensitive, but it wasn’t at all. The cooling sensation stopped and my skin was smooth, glowing and beautiful. No irritation, no nothing. Just skin happiness.

Your skin will thank you afterwards – immediately after, and in the months following.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve used Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel before, and what you think!