Shakti Mat

You may have heard about the Shakti Mat and probably thought “why the fuck would I want to lie on a mat of spikey plastic?”  I get that it doesn’t sound appealing, but trust me the benefits of it are.

The Shakti Mat is an acupressure mat, basically the new age take on the bed of nails. Your weight is evenly distributed across all the points, and instead of pain you feel relaxation mixed with a warm tingly sensation. Okay, so I sugar coated it. First comes the 'ouch, this was a stupid idea' but once you're used to it, the magic happens.  Stay put for 20 minutes and up you get. It’s the perfect time for meditation too [just saying!].

I should also point out The Shakti Mat isn’t just for lying on:

I find this the hardest, probably because all my body weight is pressing down through my soft, indoor feet.  It’s insane though, the feeling. It’s energising and gives your tired feet and legs their life back. You’ll only want to stay here for a couple of minutes.

Rolled up
You can roll it up [spikes upwards of course] and place it behind your neck. I love doing this, it’s an instant relaxer and takes you straight to that zen place.

If it’s a bit hard to get into, take it easy – wear a t-shirt, or put a sheet on top of the mat until your skins ready for that straight spike contact. Stay on the mat for a short time initially and build it up - eventually you'll want to take your top off and get that skin to plastic contact.

Regular Shakti Mat time helps with your circulation, sleep quality, relaxes your tense muscles [hello stress sitting in your neck and shoulders!], headaches and stress. You’re going to be so relaxed on the Shakti, and it’s a really mindful experience which your mental wellbeing will thank you for.

I have the Shakti OG which has 6,000 points.  You can get one with more points, or less points if you’re hard core – you do you. The less points, the less area for your weight to be distributed, leaving you pressing down into those spikes just that bit harder.

Shakti’s are ethically made, made from recyclable plastic and organic cotton; three things the modern person respects.  

Let me know in the comments if you're a fan of the Shakti Mat!