It's Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen is here and in order to be living your best life, you need to be living your healthiest life. I’m not talking about only eating salads [it’s tough to make friends with salad] but there are a few things you can add into your daily life without much effort.

Here are four of my favourites:

Lemon water

The best way to start your morning. A glass of water with the juice of a lemon squeezed in there, is so refreshing and invigorating that you’ll find this one easy to commit to, heck, that’s even before the endless benefits of drinking lemon water.

Make it the night before so it’s on your bedside table ready to go in the a.m. We dehydrate like crazy when we sleep and a glass of water first thing reminds your body that you love it.


A grateful life is a happy life. It’s tricky to be unhappy when you have so many things to be grateful for. Having a gratitude journal is a beautiful way to end your day, jot down the three [or more] things that you are grateful for and watch your mind set shift. You’ll notice you’re more positive and love life that little bit more.

Your gratitude journal can be handwritten, under notes on your phone or by using a gratitude app. I use one call Gratitude! I love it, it has cute wee reminders and allows you to add photos, creating your own personal gram to look back on.


These little capsules are your guts best friend. Our lifestyle wreaks havoc on our friendly flora, turning our bodies pimply, sluggish and bloated. An unhealthy gut also equals bad immunity and has a tough time absorbing all the good nutrients from your foods.

There are many types of probiotics with different strands of bacteria, these dairy free gems are my go to.


Practicing mindfulness is something I could write about forever. I am a huge advocate! Looking after our mental health is so important and contributes to our overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the present moment and formal mindfulness practice teaches you and gives you the tools to live a mindful life. Practicing mindfulness reduces stress, improves sleep quality, helps you control emotions/ moods [I’ll write about these in the near future].

There are many mindfulness apps [my favourite is Headspace] that you can start with.


Sending you all the positive vibes, for your best year yet!