Vegetable Fritters

I always struggle for lunch ideas that don't taste terrible [I'm looking at you, salad], and that will actually keep me full past lunch time [salad, still looking at you].  Well, these tick the boxes - and you get all the vegetables. 

I have made so many of these fritters over the last few weeks, and thought I better share them with you so you can make them too! They're super quick, healthy and oh so easy. So easy, there's hardly any words in this recipe. 

This recipe will make you about 16 fritters, give or take - and the portion sizes are approximate. All this depends on the size of your vegetables and how much liquid you can squeeze out - that kind of jazz. Disclaimer, disclaimer.

Here's what you'll need

One kumara

Two carrots

Three courgettes 

Two tablespoons chia seeds 

Three tablespoons water

Half cup buckwheat flour [or flour of your choice]



Here's what you do

Switch your oven on and set it to bake at 180 degrees 

Pick up that grater and grate those vegetables. The carrots, kumara and courgettes

Place your grated goodies into a tea towel and squeeze most of the liquid out

Mix up a chia egg by adding the chia seeds and water into a little bowl. Stir around and let sit for a minute or two 

Add the squeezed vegetables to a bowl with the chia egg

Add the flour in slowly, and check in with that consistency. Ask yourself "does this hold together?" and add more flour accordingly. It'll be a bit different each time

Don't forget the salt and pepper and any other seasonings your heart desires

Make into palm sized patties and place on a paper lined, baking tray

Bake for about 30 minutes or so until crispy and cooked through. Make sure you flip 'em half way!

Let them cool, serve with hummus and a side of salad 

P.s they freeze nicely!